Adopting AI: The New Paradigm in Transfer Pricing

March 25, 2024

Last February 28th and 29th 2024, the International Congress of Global Accounting in the Digital Era (Congreso Internacional de Contabilidad Global en la Era Digital), organized by the College of Public Accountants of Paraguay – Alto Paraná Branch (Colegio de Contadores Públicos de Paraguay – Sede Alto Paraná), became the epicenter of innovation and technological advancement with the outstanding participation of Mr. Carlos Vargas Alencastre CEO of TPC Group. In this prestigious event, the speaker presented a revealing lecture entitled “Transfer Pricing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence“, which not only captured the attention of the attendees but also marked a before and after in the application of AI in international accounting and taxation.

A central part of his presentation focused on the automation of the search for comparable companies, a tedious but essential process to determine fair and compliant transfer prices according to international regulations. Vargas Alencastre highlighted AIpowered tools, demonstrating how these can significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy and relevance of comparables found, which in turn facilitates a more accurate valuation and reduces both time and associated costs.

TPC Group’s intervention at the International Accounting Congress underscores its unwavering commitment to innovation and leadership in adapting to new technologies to deliver advanced and efficient solutions to its clients. Mr. Vargas Alencastre’s presentation not only illuminated the present and future of transfer pricing through the lens of AI but also motivated professionals and companies to adopt these emerging technologies to redefine and optimize their tax and operational strategies.

This event and the participation of Carlos Vargas Alencastre reflect the pioneering spirit of TPC Group and its constant quest to be at the forefront of international accounting and taxation, demonstrating once again its role as a leader in transfer pricing consulting. For more information on TPC Group’s innovative services and how AI is transforming transfer pricing please visit