Transfer Pricing Policies

We provide the service of Transfer Pricing Policies implementation for the economic group and/or the companies comprising it to establish the structure of its procedure system and rules for choosing the market value of its transactions between Related Parties through the established valuation methods. These Transfer Pricing Policies, as well as the accounting policies, must be approved by the Board of Directors of each company of the economic group if implemented globally. The document to be approved would be the Transfer Pricing Policy Manual itself.

Defining policies allows the organization to optimize resources and comply easily with international Transfer Pricing controls. These will set the line to be followed by each of the entities belonging to the business group, serving as a guideline to standardize and order processes that will provide transparency in transactions to generate a transactional cycle constantly validating the policy as these processes are applied.

A policy establishes guidelines and processes to be adopted. Economic groups must not only prepare the transfer pricing study and file the declaration but also prepare and comply with the transfer pricing guidelines in each transaction performed, previously marking the guidelines and processes to be followed for monitoring their compliance with this obligation daily. It will generate stability and economic optimization and will avoid possible fines, which will be reflected in costly adjustments.

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