Bill on supermarket invoices

September 13, 2021

The “La Nación” website, through its political column, commented on the new bill that includes an Article allowing the validation of invoices from supermarkets, stores, restaurants, and others at the time of the Value Added Tax (VAT) liquidation.

1. Regulation’s purpose

The project in question seeks to expand Law No. 6380/2019 on modernization and simplification of the National Tax System in relation to VAT, specifically. Thus, it is proposed that expenses for food, personal hygiene, home maintenance, medicines of the taxpayer and his family be deductible.

2. Increased control

In a complementary manner, the SET (Subsecretaría de Estado de Tributación – Undersecretariat of State for Taxation) announced that as of January 2022, a more rigorous control will be implemented at the time of VAT liquidation.

3. Comments of officials

According to the website, the Vice Minister of Taxation, Oscar Orue, alleged that the regulation of the referred law, purchases made in supermarkets were not deductible but became a common practice due to the lack of good control.

In this regard, the official commented that “it is undeniable the new policies of enforceability of the non-inclusion of invoices relating to purchases made in supermarkets constitute a blunt blow to the working class, especially the middle class, which is the sector that normally bears the onslaught, despite the fact that the same was already regulated since 2019”.

4. Text of the Article

According to the raised project, the textual target of the project is:

“Amplifying Law No. 6380/2019, providing that credit VAT generated by purchases in supermarkets, stores, restaurants, and others intended for food, personal hygiene, home maintenance, medicines for consumption of the taxpayer and/or his family shall be deductible for the purposes of VAT liquidation”.

Source: La Nación 10/09/21