New Transfer Pricing Extension in Chile in 2024

June 10, 2024


The Chilean Internal Revenue Service (SII) has issued SII Exempt Resolution No. 64 of 2024, which grants an extension in the deadlines for filing Affidavits related to Transfer Pricing. This measure is essential for taxpayers operating under this regime, giving them more time to comply with their tax obligations.  

Details of the Resolution

On June 7, 2024, SII Exempt Resolution No. 64 was published, which extends the deadline for filing the following Affidavits in Transfer Pricing:  

  • Form N° 1907: Affidavit Transfer Pricing.  
  • Form No. 1937: Sworn Statement Country by Country Report.  
  • Form No. 1950: Annual Master File Affidavit.  
  • Form N° 1951: Annual Sworn Statement Local File.  

Extended Deadlines

For those taxpayers who file their returns between July 1 and September 30 of the current tax year, an automatic extension of three months is granted. This measure is crucial to facilitate tax compliance and avoid penalties for non-compliance.  

Extension of the Tax Period

In addition to the filing extension, the audit deadline is also extended on the same terms. This provides taxpayers with additional time to prepare for possible audits by the SII.  

Importance for Taxpayers in Chile

SII Exempt Resolution No. 64 of 2024 is a significant measure for companies subject to Transfer Pricing regulations in Chile. By extending the filing and auditing deadlines, it offers greater flexibility and security to taxpayers, allowing them to comply with their obligations accurately and completely.  

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Source: SII Exempt Resolution No. 64 of 2024.