Comments on the taxation effective rates list

August 9, 2021

Jorge Cano provided, through the “Luces del Siglo” website, a set of comments regarding the publication of the second Taxation Effective Rates List published by the Servicio de Administración Tributaria – SAT (Tax Administration Service). He says that such a list is intended to increase fear among taxpayers due to a presumed low tax contribution.

1. Problems in effective rates

Cano comments on the taxation effective rates for 84 economic activities, adding these to 40 published in June, intend the self-correction of taxpayers if their rate is lower than that of their economic sector.

In this regard, the problem in question lies in the effective rates published regarding revenues and not on profits, not considering the business conditions of each industry.

2. Initiation of the audit

The initiation of the Audit is expected in the fourth quarter of the year after the SAT has all the information of the large taxpayers in 2020. This is due to tax rulings with the transfer pricing information of the economic sectors that have just been filed in June, preparing the area for the wave of tax audits.

Source: Luces del Siglo 05/08/21