Extension of tax “perdonazo” (big forgiveness) until August 2021

August 9, 2021

The tax ‘perdonazo’ extension was announced to reactivate the economy of the municipality of Santa Cruz to tidy tax debts up.

1. Deadline extension

The extension of the tax forgiveness until August 31 was arranged to reactivate the economy of the municipality of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, allowing close to 80 thousand people to tidy their tax debts up.

2. Taxpayers with enforceable processes

According to Mayor Jhonny Fernández, taxpayers who have enforceable processes will also be able to access the benefit, which condones up to 60% of the 2020 tax and 100% of fines and interest from previous years.

According to the mayor, the pardon will allow around 80,000 people to tidy their tax debts up, collecting the municipality up to 400 million bolivianos.

3. Assistance to companies with financial problems

Fernando Hurtado, president of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce, Services, and Tourism (Cainco) highlighted the extension of this benefit until the end of August, adding its helping extension over companies that had economic problems as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. He noted the following:

“This pardon will help small, medium, and large companies that have had problems since the beginning of the pandemic due to lack of income and tax debts, but above all, it will benefit individuals, and this is fundamental for the economy to reactivate“.

Source: Noticias por el Mundo 06/08/21