Fourth cycle of VAT refund payments is established

September 6, 2021

On September 2, 2021, the “Semana” website published the VAT refund payments are already available for this month.

1. Fourth cycle of VAT refund payments

The Department of Social Prosperity announced that as of Thursday, September 2 is available the fourth cycle of VAT refund payments, consisting of a payment of $ 76,000 to the most vulnerable households in the country to face the effects of the emergency caused by the Coronavirus.

2. What does economic support consist of?

The national government advanced the VAT refund scheme as a measure of economic support for the poorest households, consisting of lower-income families receiving resources that will alleviate the impact of the tax on the consumption of products and services of the most vulnerable people.

3. Consultation of beneficiary households

To check whether a household is a beneficiary of the program, you must enter the page of Social Prosperity and enter the document number the citizen can check their status, which can be “Registered”, “Beneficiary”, and “Ineligible”.

4. Subsidy and number of beneficiaries

As detailed in that web portal, more than one million households received the subsidy in 2020, performed every two months. Although the goal is to “double the coverage to two million households, benefiting one million more vulnerable households and ensuring the access to transfers in a timely manner,” said the DPS (Departamento para la Prosperidad Social – Department for Social Prosperity).

5. Collection of the transfer money

It is important to point out that Social Prosperity is the only official means that will inform the collection points and the dates the money transfer will be available. To check the money transfer in SuperGIROS, interested parties must enter supergiros and press the option “Has my money transfer arrived yet? Afterwards, they must enter their ID number and check if the money transfer has been made.

To receive the subsidy payment at the SuperGIROS points, beneficiaries must go through the biometric validation process (fingerprint registration) and present the original ID card, steps similar to cashing a money order.

Source: Semana 03/09/21