Impact by invitation to start the OECD accession process

March 10, 2022

In the government of Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, OECD implemented standards such as the exchange of tax information, international taxation, transfer pricing, the fight against tax base erosion, and the transfer of profits to territories with low or no taxation in the Peruvian legislation. 

The OECD, composed of 38 states with common practices to improve economic performance, generate the job, promote education, and others, aims to promote policies improving people’s economic and social wellbeing.  

However, some developing countries fear the introduction of such measures, as they are concerned about affecting their competitive position and disincentivizing foreign investment. On the other hand, OECD recommendations are not always adjusted to the social and economic reality of Latin American countries. 

In this regard, it is necessary to pursue strategies for addressing the problem of tax fraud and tax avoidance with our own needs and policies to increase our tax revenues in the long term. 

Source: El Comercio 09/03/22