INE regulated private prices of broadcasting products

September 14, 2021

Through the Resolution of September 1, 2021, the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística – National Statistics Institute) regulated the private prices of the organization’s broadcasting products. It is important to note that INE’s information is broadcast through the following products:

  • Publications of statistical results: The results of the statistical operations considered in the general broadcasting plan of each operation will be broadcast free of charge. These results will be published essentially through the website, through the distribution of press releases, data charts, and/or time series that may adopt different forms of presentation: charts, graphs, maps, and downloadable files in different formats.
  • Standard publishing products: These consist of books, brochures, or electronic publications where the results of the statistical operations carried out by the INE are presented in an organized manner. They are included in the INE publications catalog.
  • Elaboration of customized information: These consist of requests for information requiring a specific elaboration based on the results files of the statistical operations carried out by INE or based on a search in bibliographic collections. This elaboration implies a study and programming work, as well as the execution of computer processes to obtain the requested data. This section includes the preparation of specific micro-data files to meet the needs of research projects and those requiring the signing of special conditions of use. Likewise, this section includes the elaboration of sample designs and the obtaining of customized samples that will have specific conditions of access and use.
  • Copies or digitalization of documents: These consist of partial or total copies or digitalization of publications or other documents produced by the INE. Printed publications edited on-demand are also included in this section. These copies are normally made by reprographic systems, printing texts, or charts archived on computer support.

1. New prices

The private prices of INE’s broadcasting products are unique, regardless of the point of sale. These prices are determined in such a way as to cover the costs necessary to carry out their production.

Likewise, it should be noted that all of the Institute’s standard publishing production (books, brochures, electronic publications) will include either a retail price or a code called a price list, corresponding to a price in euros through an equivalence chart always available to the public, and will be published in the INE’s Publications Catalogue.

In this regard, a new price was established considering the time dedicated to gathering the information, including feasibility analysis, programming, and subsequent verification of the data obtained. This time will be calculated considering the number of hours of analysts, programmers, statisticians, technicians, documentalists, and operators dedicated to preparing the exploitation of customized information.

2. Prices of broadcasting products and promotional prices

The regulation also mentions that the INE may elaborate through a communication from the Subdirectorate General for Statistical Dissemination, broadcasting products with a price that exceptionally does not cover production costs. Offer prices may also be applied to catalog products. These offer prices will be communicated in the permanent update of the catalog on the Internet.

On the other hand, the institution will also offer an annual subscription by ordinary mail, e-mail, or fax for editorial products published at intervals of one year or less. This subscription may also be offered in the case of repeated customized requests for each publication of short-term statistics at a 40% discount.

3. Agreements

Finally, the INE may agree with public or private entities to sign agreements that imply the delivery of statistical information or facilitate access thereto to carry out the objectives of the agreement subscribed.

Source: Boletín Oficial del Estado 13/09/21