The procedure to comply with the access to the Bonus is established

August 4, 2021

Through Exempt Resolution No. 93, the Servicio de Impuestos Internos – SII (Internal Revenue Service) establishes the procedure to comply with the requirement of starting activities and filing income tax returns to access the MSE Relief Bond (hereinafter, Relief Bond) in the case of certain taxpayers.

1. What does the MSE Relief Bond consist of?

Article 1 of Law No. 21,354, hereinafter referred to as “the Law”, establishes an “MSE Relief Bond” applied for only once and amounts to one million pesos for individuals and legal entities that have reported the start of activities in the first category to the Internal Revenue Service as of March 31, 2020, whether or not exempt from paying Value Added Tax and complying with the copulative requirements set forth therein.

2. Who are the taxpayers addressed by this resolution?

To taxpayers who are individuals, who carry out artisanal fishing activities and who are qualified as artisanal shipowners under the provisions of the General Law of Fishing and Aquaculture. 

3. What is the procedure to comply with the start of activities and what information must be provided to the SII?

They will be considered to have complied with the process of starting activities, only to access the Relief Bond, complying with the following requirements:

  1. Have been registered in the Artisanal Fishing Registry.
  2. Adopt the procedure regulated below, at the time of applying for the Relief Bond, to file their pending income tax return(s).

4. What are the terms to comply with the above procedure?

First, the National Fishing Service must send to the SII the information detailed below concerning the taxpayers registered in the Artisanal Fishing Registry:

  • Unique Tax Role and verification digit
  • Owner’s name
  • Legal Type (Natural Person – Legal Entity)
  • Region
  • Vessel range in meters

Likewise, the taxpayers mentioned in point 1 may accept the simple Affidavit available on the platform the website of this Service, establishing the request for immediate transfer, and this Service shall proceed to collect the taxes owed.

In addition, they will accept to be notified through the e-mail entered in the same request platform of the Relief Bond. 

It should be noted that payments may be made through the SII website or a payment agreement at the General Treasury of the Republic, as determined by the taxpayer.

Source: Servicio de Impuestos Internos 04/08/21