Transfer Pricing in Peru will expire in June 2024

June 13, 2024


Transfer Pricing regulations in Peru are one of the most important for companies that carry out transactions with related parties. Compliance with this regulation is not only crucial to avoid penalties, but also to ensure a correct declaration of income and expenses before SUNAT. Below is a detailed analysis of the key dates and essential requirements.  

Key Dates for the Informative Affidavit of Transfer Pricing – Local File  

The schedule of deadlines for filing the Informative Affidavit on Transfer Pricing – Local File (through Virtual Form 3560) in Peru is determined by the last digit of the RUC of each taxpayer. Here is a summary of the most important dates:  

  •  Last digit 0: June 18, 2024.  
  •  Last digit 1: June 19, 2024  
  •  Last digits 2 and 3: June 20, 2024  
  •  Last digits 4 and 5: June 21, 2024  
  •  Last digits 6 and 7: June 24, 2024  
  •  Last digits 8 & 9: June 25, 2024  
  •  Good contributors and UESP: June 26, 2024  

These dates are crucial to ensure compliance and avoid possible penalties by SUNAT.  

Impact of Transfer Pricing on Businesses  

Proper compliance with Transfer Pricing regulations has multiple benefits for companies:  

  • Mitigation of Tax Risks: Complying with the regulations avoids penalties and fines by SUNAT.   
  • Resource Optimization: Ensures that transactions are carried out at market values, which can optimize the company’s financial resources and reduce its tax burden.  
  • Risk Management: By documenting and justifying Transfer Pricing, the risk of adjustments affecting business operations and continuity is reduced.  
  • Transparency and Control: Facilitates transparency in intercompany transactions and improves internal control.  

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