The Tax Obligations of Taxpayers in Guatemala

January 28, 2021

According to Article 112 of the Tax Code of Guatemala, taxpayers in this country have tax obligations to comply with to avoid any contingency before the SAT (Servicio de Administración Tributaria – Service of Tax Administration). Therefore, this article provides information on the main tax obligations that must be known.

Tax Obligations

Both taxpayers and responsible parties are obliged to facilitate certain tasks of the Tax Administration, based on its powers to determine, collect, and investigate. Therefore, taxpayers must do the following:

  • To keep books and records related to the operations associated with taxation.
  • Registering and communicating their modification.
  • To file tax returns as appropriate.
  • To keep books and records, computer systems, and other documents evidencing compliance with tax obligations.
  • Facilitate the information to the SAT officials in the audits or verifications they perform.
  • Allow the Tax Administration to examine statements, reports, vouchers, and other documentation related to the taxable event of the tax obligation.
  • Appear at the SAT offices, if required.

Other Tax Obligations

Article 112 A of the Guatemalan Tax Code states other tax obligations such as:

  • To keep the documents related to the tax obligation during the prescription term.
  • To keep them in the filing format, if taxpayers file their returns electronically.
  • Redo their accounting records in case of loss or destruction.

It should be noted that non-compliance thereof may lead to an infraction with a possible sanction by the SAT.