Virtual Processing Platform

December 22, 2020

Since August 28, 2020, the TRAVI (Trámite Virtual – Virtual Processing) Platform has been available on the Ministry of Finance’s website for taxpayers to file tax formalities with the Tax Administration.  

The main purpose of the TRAVI Platform is to enable new taxpayer service options virtually to avoid traveling to the Tax Administration premises. The Virtual procedure is available on the official Ministry of Finance website (

How to access the TRAVI platform?

Each taxpayer must create a user, requiring the following to do so:

  • Type of Identification
  • Identification Number
  • Full Name
  • Email Address

What is the content of the TRAVI platform?

This platform contains approximately 40 extensive control, collection, valuation, and auditing procedures. Among the main ones are the following:

  • Payment – Collection Arrangements
  • Appraisals-Administrative and Tax Valuations
  • Change of tax period
  • Request for certifications
  • Request for certificates
  • Refunds – Collection
  • Request for statements of account
  • Withholding Factor
  • Vehicle, Vessel, and Aircraft Property Taxes
  • Transfer of Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes
  • Petitions Art 102 CNPT (Código de Normas y Procedimientos Tributarios – Code of Tax Rules and Procedures)
  • Claims – Fiscalization
  • The recourse of revocation or appeal
  • Interinstitutional Requests
  • Taxpayer Service

Is It Possible to follow up on the virtual Procedure?

The TRAVI Platform will provide the Taxpayer with a request number to follow up at any time. Additionally, all virtual procedures will be saved and available to the Taxpayer.

The TRAVI Platform will considerably help taxpayers carry out their tax procedures virtually, thus saving time and costs.