Tax Audit

Our firm offers tax auditing services, allowing our clients to evaluate and audit the correct and strict compliance with tax requirements based on the current tax regulations.

What is evaluated in the Tax Audit?

The audit process evaluates the accounting records of the company’s transactions based on current tax and accounting legislation.
The assessment involves not only compliance with obligations but also the correct application of the various tax benefits that a company has adopted.
This evaluation is carried out by qualified and competent personnel called tax auditors.

What are the Targets of the Tax Audit service?

Our main target is to enable our clients to mitigate contingencies in tax matters due to an incorrect practice and/or compliance with the requirements established by the Tax Authorities.
Having defined clearly that tax contingencies can generate instability in a company.

What happens after the Tax Audit procedure?

After the Tax Audit procedure, in which various techniques were used to evaluate tax compliance, our assigned audit team provided a document called a Tax Audit report.
The Tax Audit report includes the compliance diagnosis with tax requirements, as well as the correct application of tax benefits and points for improvement; as possible.

What happens if the Audit Team detects any Non-compliance or Omission of any Tax Requirement?

If, as part of the Tax Audit process result, any tax non-compliance is detected, our team of external auditors can provide support for proper compliance under the legal framework. Being the economic impact also quantified within the organization.

Is the Tax Audit service only applicable to Large Companies?

The Tax Audit service is designed to the client’s needs regardless of the company extension, the sector, and other relevant factors.
Our Tax Audit service is different due to the personalized feature our service has according to our clients’ needs.

Who is part of the Tax Auditors Staff?

Our staff of auditors specialized in tax matters is formed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, which enables us to provide our clients’ tax audit services with the best quality standards.
The external auditors are lawyers and/or accountants specialized in tax law.

Why is the Tax Audit important?

Because it allows aligning the accounting and tax management of an organization.
The Tax Audit service, when audited by a team of external auditors, enables from a different perspective to validate the accounting practices carried out by the organization in accordance with current regulations.
The Tax Audit allows mitigating the negative impact on the organization due to tax contingencies.

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