Increased Transfer Pricing controls in Honduras

June 4, 2022

After a dramatic drop in the tax burden in 2020, the Central American Institute for Fiscal Studies (ICEFI) recommended a reform of the tax policy through an improvement in the programs of attention to the population and a series of strategies to reduce tax non-compliance. 

Control of Transfer Pricing

In this regard, it seeks to adopt strategies such as the strengthening of transfer pricing controls, as well as sanctions on transactions with tax “lairs,” and the recovery of the world income system for Income Tax. Likewise, the ICEFI suggested that, in the medium term, the Income Tax should have a global income system that avoids arbitrage between different forms of income.   

National Tax Sustainability Agreement

Therefore, Honduran authorities must implement a Comprehensive Fiscal Agreement to ensure the availability and proper use of public resources, transparency, and strategic management of public debt. Based on these joint changes between the Central Government and other government institutions, it will be possible to obtain better results in tax collection for the benefit of Honduras. 

Source: 12/05/22