There are few days to pay reduced taxes

August 25, 2021

There are six days to pay taxes in arrears with a 100% discount under the “Rebajón” (Big Reduction) launched by the Mayor’s Office in June to reactivate the economy. 

According to El Diario Los Tiempos, a reminder states that payment with discounts expires on 30 August, still having a few days (6) to pay real estate, motor vehicle, and economic activity taxes.

It should be recalled that taxpayers in arrears between 1995 and 2019 were authorized to benefit from 100% discounts on fines, interest, and value maintenance, according to the regulation.

Additionally, citizens will be able to pay their 2020 taxes at a 15 percent discount.

To that percentage, on-time taxpayers in 2019 will be able to add a 20% discount, and seniors will get a 35% discount in 2020.

According to the newspaper, “to avoid queues and crowds, taxpayers can access the website: Cochabamba , and then go to the Municipal Tax Administration tab or go directly to the website: SimatCochabamba.

This virtual modality allows taxpayers not to be exposed to COVID-19, which has not yet been overcome. It was also noted that platforms are enabled 24 hours so citizens can pay their taxes virtually.

On the other hand, the authorized financial institutions are: Banco Bisa, Banco Nacional de Bolivia (BNB), Banco Fassil, Banco Económico, Banco de Crédito BCP, Banco Unión, Banco Ganadero, Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, Banco FIE, and Cooperativa Jesús Nazareno.

It is expected that outstanding debts can be solved to a large extent with these tax facilities.

Source: Los Tiempos 23/08/21